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Meet Debra

Dental Assistant

I have been a Dental Assistant for 9 years. I enjoy getting to know our patients and helping them achieve their dental goals and a happy, healthy smile. I like the gentle, comforting patient care we give our patients at Regis Court Dental Associates. I grew up in a small town called Jump River, Wisconsin. I have a yellow lab named Chipper. 

Outside of work, Chipper and I like to do any outdoor activities together as well as spending time with family and friends.
Debra - Dental Assistant

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We make you smile

Simply put, the experience was professional, friendly and educational. My particular periodontal dental needs were very clearly reviewed before my arrival which was much appreciated. Dr. Lisa Henson and the staff were accommodating with all my questions and concerns (which I had plenty of) and it was the first occasion in my life that I was ever asked about my dental expectations. I look…

- Sharon D.

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