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Meet Heather

Dental Assistant

Heather has been working in the Dental field for 10 years. She graduated from CVTC with an Associate's Degree in hospitality management. Heather had no dental experience but was always interested in dental. She accepted a job to become a Dental Assistant with on the job training and fell in love with the profession.

Heather’s favorite thing about her job is the interaction with our patients, and knowing that we are helping them be healthier.

Her favorite thing outside of work is her family, and spending time with her husband Greg and their 2 dogs. She loves cooking and enjoying the outdoors.

Heather - Dental Assistant

What Makes Me Smile

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  • Father pulling his toddler in a wagon in the fall
  • Two Regis Court Dental boys in matching outfits
  • Siblings smiling together in the fall
  • Regis Court Dental family with three children and a newborn

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Thank you for serving our family for 3 generations! Always a pleasure, even if it is the dentist :)

- Kristy P.

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