Regis Court Dental Associates Started With Dr. Joe Theisen, DDS

In the “Circle of Life” there are transitions - not just a beginning or an end. One of our Mentors taught us years ago that we all have transitions, and we all need ongoing focus. To guide us, we think of the “Cross of Life” – a four armed cross which includes Prayer, Work, Love, and Play. Our daily goal should be to be a Whole Person with the arms of our cross as balanced as possible.

With our busy Dental Practice and our large family, Fay and I have often had to correct our vision and focus – our Cross was often out of balance. The transition to retirement has allowed us to return our Cross to a much more balanced state. The biggest change in Retirement is the change to a much less structured lifestyle. Retirement for the most part means that when you get up in the morning, you have a lot more choices for the day’s plan.

When Dr. Lisa and her husband Jeff joined us at Regis Court Dental Associates, they allowed us to step off of a treadmill. We thank God for sending them to us. They are awesome. Patients -know that you are in good hands. Our loyal employees continue to enjoy the ongoing security and respect that they deserve. Fay and I have been freed up to continue our Journey. We say WIN – WIN!!!!! With their help, our Cross of Life has assumed a newfound balance – and it is great.

This past summer, we officially relocated to our Log Cabin in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Fay says that “This is where God Lives”. Our days are filled with Grandchildren activities, Visiting Friends, Deer, Turkeys, Eagles, Bear, Fish, Golf, and Log Cabin Restoration Projects. (A few minutes ago I finished baking bread – a new hobby made possible by my mentor Don – who took me under his wing and shared his skills. This was a Hobby that we had talked about for years – but with my Cross out of balance – there was not time. Now – there is time. YEAH!!!!) I have also decided to allow Fay to be totally in Charge and with that guideline our biggest disagreement usually revolves around “What day is it???” Life is good!

We welcome the changing seasons – at the present we are living the Fall Colors transition. Winter is coming – and because it is long here in Wisconsin – we will shorten the season with travel to a warmer climate. Retirement allows us to do this. YEAH!!!

The Chippewa River flows past our door – the sounds of the rapids blending into the flow of our new daily lives. We Thank God – and all the people who have touched us through the years – and have made this transition and lifestyle possible. (Family, Friends, Patients, Employees, and especially Team Henson.) Loud and clear – we are Blessed.

The Journey Continues --- Dr. Joe and Fay