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Your Testimonials Make us Smile!

Our services are only as great as our patients say they are. The testimonials we receive praising our family dental care in Eau Claire excite us, and it reinforces that we're providing our patients with the very best dental care that we can! See more testimonials about Regis Court Dental Associates in Eau Claire below.

  • Aaron S.

    Excellent Service, Friendly Atmosphere, Warm and Welcome Feeling

    Routine dental visit was by far the best one thus far. Warm inviting welcome as I entered the office and was greeted with a smile. All staff was inviting and friendly and made the experience very comfortable. Carrie was outstanding and was very thorough and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Lisa was outstanding and professional as usual and gave step by step details of what we would be doing during my visit. Thanks again, by far the best dental practice and staff in the area! I would strongly recommend others to pay a visit.

  • Beth M.

    Top-notch quality and service

    I have been a patient at RCDA for several years, and continue to be impressed by all staff, from the front desk to the professional staff. Everyone is friendly and NICE. The dentist and techs use the latest technology for optimal care, and work well together, like a well-oiled machine! I appreciate all of their input and advice.
  • Bev N.

    Was extremely grateful to be able to see a dentist so quickly to fix my broken tooth. Every one in the office is so friendly and professional. A big thank you.
  • Bill B.

    Environment is Friendly

    We have seen great efforts over the years we have used Regis Court Dental Associates to keep our teeth healthy and have never been disappointed in our choice.
  • Brian G.

    3+ Decades of Quality, Caring Service

    For over three decades, Dr. Theisen, Dr. Henson and Regis Court Dental Associates have provided professional and considerate dental care. Today's simple cleaning session was another example of this tradition of thorough yet friendly service. Time and again they've made special efforts to accommodate our difficult and complex schedules, for which we are deeply grateful.
  • Chad H.

    Great staff start to finish! Very welcoming and very informative. I really appreciated being part of the entire process and the articulate explanation of everything that was being done. I also arrived a bit early and they fit me in immediately rather than having me sit and wait. Looking forward to being a long time member of this wonderful dentistry.
  • Colleen S.

    My Dream Team Dentist!

    Can't say enough about this great practice and all the staff. Competent, comfortable, friendly, caring, personable....just Fabulous! Got me in fast and worked with my scheduling obstacles. Dr Henson described the procedure every step of the way to assure comfort physically and mentally. You're not just a number. She even commented on how my hair has been cut since she's seen me last. Made me feel like I'm seeing a friend who is helping me out!!
  • Esther D.


    Dr. Henson is so genuinely kind and patient as she explains each procedure and course of action. She makes her patients feel comfortable and relaxed even if they are nervous. Thank you!

  • Frank J.

    Broken Tooth

    I called and they were able to fit me in to their schedule the following day. I was there early and they took me in before the time. As I was examined, they thought I had a broken tooth. They called a specialist and I had an appointment for the next day. I was also given a prescription for some pain medication in the mean time, which I was thankful for. I was treated professionally and with care.
  • Grace B.

    I LOVE My New Dental Office

    I love Dr. Lisa and Shelia! They were both great! I love how friendly they were and they both made me feel some comfortable and not nervous. They both talked to me a lot and made sure I knew what was going on. It is a great place!
  • Heath K.

    Excellent Care and Staff; Laid my fears to rest

    I haven't been to see a dentist regularly for almost 15 years! I finally went because the pain finally outweighed the fear and I have to say it was beyond a positive experience. I can't believe that I waited this long because of past experiences and I actually am looking forward to getting all the things fixed that need it. I was not nervous or uncomfortable and Dr. Lisa explained everything in easy to understand language and made it clear from the start I was in charge of all the decisions. I left feeling like a weight had been lifted off me and I it was an extremely positive experience. I would highly recommend Regis Court Dental Associates to anyone and especially those people who have avoided going to the dentist because of fear or bad past experiences.
  • Jane J.

    Very Friendly and Skilled

    Love this dentist office. I always feel like a person, and they are good at what they do. Would highly recommend.
  • Janet P.

    Professional and friendly

    Every member of the staff at Regis Court DentalAssociates was friendly and helpful. Dr. Henson is the consummate professional caring and gentle in her approach and knowledgeable in her practice.

  • Jayne W.

    Dr. Henson was very concerned about my level of pain and wanted to make sure I was comfortable. She explained each step before beginning a procedure which was also helpful. The staff remembers me from one visit to the next and seems genuinely interested in my well being.
  • Jennifer T.

    Dr. Henson is Extremely Thorough and VERY Personable

    I went in for a new patient exam and X-rays. Before going in, I asked some questions about fees, and the person in charge of billing answered all my questions without hesitation and without making me feel uncomfortable for asking! Dr. Henson's assistant was very friendly while taking X-rays and all kinds of photos of my mouth, explaining everything as she went. Dr. Henson was extremely thorough, asking lots of questions about my medical and dental background, and about what makes me nervous about coming to the dentist. As she did her exam, she explained everything she was doing. She even went through all the X-rays and photos with me to show me the areas of concern, before giving me tips on how to take better care of those areas. She also gave specific examples of how the hygienists can make specific adjustments during cleanings to make me feel more comfortable. I left feeling very satisfied and actually looking forward to my upcoming cleaning appointment!
  • Jessie P.

    Caring and Expertise at its Finest!

    Dr. Henson and her staff did extensive work on me today, all with very minimal discomfort and superior quality and compassion. They assured that I was well-informed throughout the procedure and were efficient, yet thorough. I can't say enough about Regis Court Dental Associates. I truly believe they are the best dental professionals in the Chippewa Valley!
  • Judy M.

    Friendly and Accepting

    I am always fearful when I have dental appointments and don't know what will be done. Dr. Henson and the staff at Regis Dental are so accepting of "big babies" like myself...and they put you at ease right away. I always think they won't remember how anxious and nervous I am. BUT...after a few minutes of talking with any of them, I feel relaxed. I don't think I will EVER like to go for dental work, (after 70 years) but they have made me feel so relaxed.....and they never SHAME me for the feelings I have. AND...... thank GOD, for sedation dentistry!!!!!!
  • Kay Z.

    Very High Quality Service - WITH A SMILE!

    I was most grateful that Dr. Henson was willing to see me the same day I called with a problem. Brenda was concerned and helpful. Marisa was kind and gentle with her assistance. Dr. Henson is simply wonderful and practical with how she approaches a problem.
  • Kristy P.

    Friendly and High Quality Care

    Thank you for serving our family for 3 generations! Always a pleasure, even if it is the dentist :)
  • Levi A.

    Cavity fillings and needle Phobia...

    I dislike dentist visits to say the least... Dr. Henson is very good at her job. Her team works like a well oiled machine. Everyone is friendly. I will continue to come back as long as I live in the area.

  • Lou H.

    Friendly and Professional

    Brenda checked me in ( always with a smile) and Sheila did a great job of xrays, (loved the child's size equipment) cleaning, gentle but thorough. Dr. Lisa found the best solution for a crown that needs repair. Would people believe me if I said " I actually love coming to the dentist?" The staff is amazing.
  • Luanna A.

    HIghly Recommend This Office!

    This was my second appointment and I am very pleased with Regis Court Dental. Every person is extremely professional and courteous. I highly recommend this office to any one. Dr. Henson is kind and gentle, always asking how I was doing, very professional. She explained each step to me before she did it so I'd know what was being done. I very much appreciated that.
  • Mark M.

    Top Shelf Service

    I enjoy going to the Dentist.... At Regis Court Dental Associates you're always treated well, the staff is very professional and they deliver high quality service. They take the time to explain the services they provide to you and check to see if you have any questions. They also take a genuine interest in their patients to learn about them and their family.
  • Mary B.

    I have been a patient of Regis Court Dental since 1979. Dr. Joe was a fabulous dentist and I grew to trust his decisions...including the one when he took on Dr. Henson. She has been excellent to work with and continues the tradition of providing excellent care. The office is clean and the entire team is friendly and helpful. Thank you for the opportunity to tell you that you are doing a great job!
  • Michael R.

    I LOVE these guys

    It was nice to come in and feel like family. And the service was great too. They treat you like family.
  • Naomi G.

    Friendly Faces

    With not being at a dental office in several years, I was a little worried. Becca and Dr. Lisa made me feel so much better; without judgement. We did x-rays and came up with a game plan that met my needs. Thank you Becca and Dr. Lisa! I look forward to getting a beautiful smile back with your help.

  • Paige B.

    They Were Awesome!

    Shelia and Dr. Lisa were awesome. I am so glad they are my new dentist and hygienist. They were so knowledgable and friendly. They made me feel very comfortable.
  • Rita G.

    5 Star Rating on Dental Service

    I had been dreading this crown prep work, but I had a "peach" of a time really and truly!! The discomfort was VERY minimal. The stepbystep procedure was explained as we went along, which helped a lot. Kudos to all involved!

  • Rita J.

    Narrates Her Care!

    I so appreciate that Dr. Henson takes the time and thoughtfulness to narrate her care. I told her how much this means to me, and how she should teach all to do this! What is routine to her, is far from routine to me, and by talking me through each step of the process I felt cared for, I felt my care was individualized, and I felt I could anticipate each and every step she was taking with confidence in her. Dr. Henson is a blessing to me and my husband. We couldn't ask for better dental care from her and her staff (Sheila and Grace, you are awesome too - thank you!)
  • Robert A.

    Amazing First Visit

    My daughter's first dental visit was amazing! She looks forward to her next visit. Friendly staff, great service and Professional at Regis Court Dental Associates.
  • Sharon D.

    Simply put, the experience was professional, friendly and educational. My particular periodontal dental needs were very clearly reviewed before my arrival which was much appreciated. Dr. Lisa Henson and the staff were accommodating with all my questions and concerns (which I had plenty of) and it was the first occasion in my life that I was ever asked about my dental expectations. I look forward to an ongoing positive relationship with Regis Court Dental Associates. Well done!
  • Shelley W.

    Another Excellent Experience

    It seems odd to want to rave about your dental office, however that is how I feel about Regis Court Dental! Today was a cleaning, so now my teeth feel great. I was asked how I was doing, from that topic I was supplied with an education on sensitive teeth - so nice to be listened to and then have someone take the time for such a thorough discussion. Thanks Sheila! It's rare to have a business I can truly recommend without any doubts that friends and family will have the utmost care - Regis Court Dental is one of those rarities!
  • Sherry R.

    New Patient

    Great greeting and very welcoming at the reception desk. Very nice dental assistant. Tell you everything they do before doing it. Dr. Newton very friendly and gentle with the exam. Highly recommend the place. Great experience
  • Sister Diane B.

    I am very grateful for the outstanding job Dr. Lisa Henson and the staff did for the crown work I needed done. You were a caring, professional, and friendly team. Thanks for the crown work that looks wonderful and feels great!
  • Tony P.

    The Friendliest and Most Gifted People in the Dental Business

    I never feel like just another patient when I visit this clinic. These folks are genuinely interested in my dental health and general well being. Regis Court Dental Associates is truthfully the best dental care facility I've ever been to as a patient.
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We make you smile

I am very grateful for the outstanding job Dr. Lisa Henson and the staff did for the crown work I needed done. You were a caring, professional, and friendly team. Thanks for the crown work that looks wonderful and feels great!

- Sister Diane B.

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