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Meet Dr. Casey Newton, DDS

It is my honest belief that dentistry is the most rewarding of all healthcare professions, although I may be slightly biased. I have always been drawn to dentistry, but it was not until I had the opportunity to be a dental assistant, before entering dental school, that I was able so see how positively dentistry can impact people's lives. As a general dentist, I have the privilege of providing comprehensive dental care to my patients. Being in this position, I am blessed to be able to develop relationships with patients and see their families grow throughout the years. I am very excited to join the Regis Court Dental Associates family to help enhance patients lives one smile at a time. I look forward to going to work every day to foster relationships, new and old. I love working with my hands to produce excellence and dentistry provides an avenue to do just that. It is really the blending of science, art and compassion that makes dentistry exciting, and I look forward to bringing that excitement to Regis Court Dental Associates. Life is all about the experiences we share, and I am looking forward to providing positive dental experiences for the wonderful people of this community for years to come. I am fortunate to be joining a practice that has earned a sterling reputation for providing patients with such experiences.

Education and Experience

It was in one of the coldest places on earth, or arguably one of the windiest, that I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree; Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. Upon graduating from Concordia, I packed up my skis and headed West. It was in the capital city of Helena, Montana where I had the honor and privilege of being a dental assistant. It was an invaluable experience where I was able to learn a tremendous amount about general dentistry and patient care. Many of the lessons I learned that year I carry with me every day of practice. In the years following my time in the Wild West, I moved back to attend the University of Minnesota where I earned my Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree. Since graduating, I have been practicing in one of the western suburbs of Minneapolis. It is the amazing opportunity to practice with the fabulous people at Regis Court Dental Associates as well as to live in the thriving community that has brought me here to Eau Claire.

Furthering my education and knowledge base is very important to me, and as such I have been involved in a great deal of continuing education since graduating. I am currently on a fellowship track through the American Academy of Implant Dentistry to learn more about the surgical placement of dental implants. Furthering my knowledge of dentistry is very important to me, and it allows me to provide patients with excellent dental care by staying up to date on current techniques and technology.

Outside of the Office

When I am away from the clinic, I am usually off in search of adventure with my best friend and side kick close by, that of course being my wife, Brieanna Lise. Together we enjoy anything and everything that involves the outdoors, from hiking, fishing, skiing, camping, biking, and swimming, to berry picking in northern Wisconsin. My wife maintains that I was born outdoors, due to my constant desire to be immersed in the wild beauty of Mother Nature. Family is an extremely important part of my life, and I would not be where I am today without their love and constant support. I am blessed to have two amazing sisters, a brother-in-law and parents residing under northern Minnesota skies. My passion for the outdoors continues to be fostered every year with annual hunting trips to North Dakota with my family and parents' two Labrador retrievers. Locally, I have fantastic brothers/sisters-in-law with several nephews and nieces who are fun to visit, rile up and then return home to their parents. I can't wait to become involved in the active and vibrant community of Eau Claire. My wife and I are looking forward to planting our roots in Eau Claire and watching our family grow alongside patients and team members at Regis Court Dental Associates.

Dr. Casey Newton, DDS

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Routine dental visit was by far the best one thus far. Warm inviting welcome as I entered the office and was greeted with a smile. All staff was inviting and friendly and made the experience very comfortable. Carrie was outstanding and was very thorough and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Lisa was outstanding and…

- Aaron S.

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