Meet Jeff H.

Business Manager

My favorite part of being the business manager is having the chance to work with such a talented, personable, group of people who all share the same passion toward proper patient care and dental excellence. I also make sure the place doesn't burn down! I have truly appreciated working with both Dr. Theisen and Dr. Henson largely due to their commitment to thoroughly educating their patients on preventative and restorative dentistry to help the patient understand what they need to maintain a healthy smile year after year.

I have been married to Dr. Lisa Henson since July of 2006 and she has been such a tremendous part of my life. My parents and sister still reside in St. Louis, where I grew up, and my brother lives in Virginia Beach. I have been so blessed with the family I have been given, they are all just as whacky and cheesy like me! I also have had the privilege of marrying into a wonderful family that have now allowed me to have two more brothers, two more sisters and two in-laws who let me call them Mom and Dad! I love spending time outdoors, archery, hunting, hiking, playing golf and St. Louis Cardinal's baseball! Honestly, I just enjoy doing anything that involves me spending time with my beautiful wife and family, from coloring with my niece to watching movies in the evenings; I am just so blessed.