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Meet Judy

Patient Service Coordinator

I am married to my high school sweetheart, and best friend, for 40 years. We have two adult children, and two beautiful grandchildren. The things that matter to me the most are my faith, my family, and my friends; I am very protective of all. I am known to have a huge sense of humor, a positive outlook on life, "I don’t take life too seriously, and what you see is what you get" kind of attitude. To me, God has a plan for all of us; we embrace each new experience good and bad, happy and sad. We may not understand, but we have to have faith, the experience or adventure is for a greater purpose in our lives.

Judy - Patient Service Coordinator

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  • Brother and sister patients of Regis Court Dental
  • Siblings smiling together in the fall
  • Dr. Henson with husband and children on a beach
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Caring and Expertise at its Finest!

Dr. Henson and her staff did extensive work on me today, all with very minimal discomfort and superior quality and compassion. They assured that I was well-informed throughout the procedure and were efficient, yet thorough. I can't say enough about Regis Court Dental Associates. I truly believe they are the best dental professionals in the…

- Jessie P.

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